The school will take place at the University of Balearic Islands Campus. The UIB Campus is located 7.5 km north of Palma downtown, in the middle of a scenic landscape, and quite close to the mountains in the "Serra de Tramuntana" range. Google Maps have a bird's-eye view of the campus


  • Lectures and talks will take place at Antoni M. Alcover building, room 5.                                
  • Coffee breaks & poster sessions will take place at IFISC basement floor.                                 
  • Hands-on sessions will take place at Anselm Turmeda building computer classroom 7.          
  • Lunches will take place at the cafeteria of Son Lledó building.                                                   
  • Participant's accommodation is provided by UIB Student Residence.
  • Metro (subway) stop (end of Line 1).



The school will open on Monday June 19 at 14:30h to allow participants to arrive on the morning and will close on Friday June 30 at 13:30h so that participants can travel back on the afternoon.

A special fare for accepted participants has been arranged with the UIB Student Residence. The cost is 367.40€ including lodging in individual room, breakfast and dinner arriving on Monday June, 19 and departing on Friday June 30.

Sharing the room with another participant the cost per person is of 302.72€ euros including lodging, breakfast and dinner arriving on Monday June 19 and departing on Friday June 30.

The Student Residence can also provide lodging, at an additional cost, arriving before June 19 or departing after June 30.  Instrutions on how to book at the special fare will be given upon acceptation to attend the school.

Lunch in the working days is included in the registration.




Palma de Mallorca is very well connected with the rest of Spain and Europe (specially Germany, UK, Austria, Switzerland and Scandinavia) through the international "Son Sant Joan" airport (airport code PMI). The airport is located 8 km east of Palma.

How to go from Palma Airport to Palma downtown

  • Bus: At the Airport take the line 1 at bus stop 547 located outside the Arrivals' Hall. There is a bus every 12-15 minutes. Ticket price: 5€. Tickets can be purchased from the bus driver (only bills up to 10 EUR are accepted).  Step down at stop 2 "Plaza España" or "Plaça d'Espanya", where you can take a connection to the UIB campus.
  • Taxi: Alternatively you can take a Taxi from the Airport to Palma or to the UIB campus. Taxis can be found just outside the Airport Arrivals Hall. Typical fares are between 20 and 25€ depending on destination and number of suitcases. The are suplemental fares for night and holiday services.

How to go from Palma downtown to the UIB campus

  • Metro (subway): Take line M1 which starts at Plaza España (marked as Estació Intermodal in ticket machines) and ends at the UIB campus. Travel time is 13 min. The frequency goes from one train every 15 min. to 30 min. depending on the time of the day. Ticket price is 1.60€. Tickets can be purchased at the ticker machines located in the station hall (bills larger than 20€ are not accepted). Keep the ticket until the end, since it is needed to leave the station. Line M1 does not operates on Sundays nor on Saturdays after 2:30 pm.
  • Bus: From Monday to Friday, take line 19 (labelled as "Universitat"). Ticket price is 1.50€. Bus frequency is about one every 15 min. and trip time is about 30 min.  Line 19 has several stops in Palma including Plaça d'Espanya. For the Student Residence use stop 1101, when arriving from Palma and 1102 when going to Palma. Both stops are labelled "C.Esport-Residència". For IFISC or Antoni M. Alcover building, use stop  571, "Edifici Beatriu de Pinós", when arriving from Palma and stop 1014, "C. Mallorca" (located in front of the Antoni M. Alcover building), when going to Palma. Tickets can be purchased from the bus driver (only bills up to 10 EUR are accepted).
    On weekends use line 9. When arriving from or going to Palma use bus stop 1101 for Student Residence and stop 1014 for IFISC and Antoni M. Alcover buildings.



The average maximum and minimum temperatures in June in Mallorca are around 28 and 15oC, respectively and the average sea water temperature is 19.4oC. On average it rains 3.2 days in June and there are 10.3 hours of sun per day. For detailed information visit, e.g. el tiempo.


Official time

The official time on the Balearic Islands is the same as on Spanish mainland, CET: During autumn-winter, GMT/UTC+1; During the spring-summer, GMT/UTC+2, following the Daylight Saving Time convention of the European Union.


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